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Post SlutWalk discussion Monday 13 June

The SlutWalk has intrigued, inspired and provoked discussion and debate throughout the land, and it’s spreading (latest news says SlutWalk Delhi is now taking shape). London’s looks set to be one of the biggest yet. On Saturday 11 June thousands will take to the streets to support the radical notion that no woman asks to be raped, ever and demand the end to slut shaming, victim blaming and all that other patriarchal bullshit society throws at us for simply being female.

On Monday 13 June Tower Hamlets ALARM! is hosting a post-SlutWalk open discussion on what it all means and where we go from here.

This is a female-friendly discussion, so all who wanna discuss are welcome but bring plenty of respect for those of us who live our lives as women and need this space to talk about the shit we face and how we see things. Guys, if ya get bored of us talking, you can always make the tea 🙂

Come down to the London Action Resource Centre (LARC), 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel E1 1ES (behind the East London Mosque) 7pm Monday 13 June to join the debate.

PS SlutWalkers are meeting on Saturday 11 June outside the Hard Rock Cafe at 1pm. When we’re all ready, we Slutwalk on down Piccadilly and into The Haymarket, Pall Mall East into Trafalgar Square for the rally.

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  1. Obaro
    June 13, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    ***A copy of a reply in facebook discussion***

    Sorry this has to carry on just a little bit longer but I spent all of Friday in emotional crisis thinking I was part of a sex that was put on this earth solely to traumatize and subjugate women! And I kept knowing that I didn’t mean what you suggested I meant but I knew I had failed to articulate it to myself and you, which I think I have now done (in my head anyway!).

    My point when I say the slutwalk sends the message “Dress outrageously provocatively and accept no responsibility” comes down to the exact reason a parent would say to their 15 year old daughter: “No way you’re leaving the house dressed like that”. The reason a parent says that it is because they are wise enough to know that there are psychos out there and the onus is partly on them to do what they can to protect their child. This in no way suggests that if the girl decides to ignore her parents and go out dressed outrageously anyway, she somehow deserves to get raped. I’m NOT, not (absolutely NOT) suggesting that in the slightest. The responsibility that that parent has for their 15 year old daughter, is the exact same responsibility I’m referring to for adult women.

    So basically, there are TWO vital points to be raised for discussion;

    1) No woman no matter how scantily clad deserves any form of hassle or violence whatsoever
    2) Look after yourself, because there are psychos out there with little or no control.

    So the point of the slutwalk is (or should be); “Just because I’m dressed like this does NOT mean I’m asking for it”, which is a very vital and important message and its certainly been brought up for discussion, so I totally agree with you on that. You totally won me over on that. It’s a message that must get through to the general public and therefore juries and judges. A crucial shift in overall attitudes is needed; yes.

    BUT my problem with the slutwalk is that it simultaneously undermines the 2nd point I discussed earlier (Look after yourself, there are psychos out there); which I think is just as important. Especially given the influence of alcohol for instance (which I would guess distorts a lot of the rape cases). Young girls who would consider dressing overly provocatively due to pressure from the media and celebrity culture are now seeing women calling themselves feminists, who appear to be celebrating demeaning attire. Of course the slutwalk message is much more complex than that but you have to admit that is how it looks and that is why I can’t stop having a problem with it.

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