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fuck you Clegg

Nick ‘I love licking tory balls’ Clegg has come out with his grand plan to beat the carcass of the liberal democrats back to life. The party once known for demanding free university and electoral change have decided to continue to support the programme of social cleansing  through housing benefit cuts, NHS cuts and cut anything that moves cuts. Now they would like to give everyone in the country shares in the banks we have paid for.

Genies ! Fuck the NHS, fuck public transport, fuck everything, here’s some shares in a failing bank that only the state would buy shares in!  You don’t need a pension, you have shares in a shit bank.

Still £700 ain’t bad ….but wait whats that? we would only get the profit of the shares being sold …so if you hold on to your shares for 10 years and their value rises to £701 and you sell them you would get a grand total of £1. And the state would get £700…BARGIN !

Most of the elites have just ignored this as madness, some have stated that  it would be a nightmare trying to get shares to over 46 million people. Nah, a nightmare would be the banks raping a society and getting away with it. Besides the coalition government already knows how to get a pittance to everyone in the country, they do it once every two weeks, instead of shares they call it giro.

Nick ‘I’ll bend over for a shilling’ Clegg We don’t want fucking shares in company’s so shit that they need YOUR fucking help. We want a decent standard of living, food that isn’t shit, shelter that isn’t damp. You cant give us this, no matter what you do you just cant, so were going to take it.


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