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June 30th- strike and detention

The Standard always predicts a riot before every large mobilisation and J30 would be no different, “London strikes riot alert” red the insane and always inaccurate hysterical cries of Justin Davenport on Wednesday . Weeks before yesterdays strike horror stories were filling the press, civil servants had the nerve to strike to maintain a decent pension plan – do these scum not realise that were all in this crisis together? Do they not realise that millionaires like Cameron and Osborne have to cut back on their coke binges? That poodles in Hampstead are only getting pedicures once a day? Do they? DO THEY?

The strike began early; we had people jumping between pickets at Arbour Square, schools throughout Tower hamlets and stopping by Mile End to join in a local march before heading off to join the central London demonstrations.

Before we joined the march we saw our numbers thin. Reports came in of police arresting anyone wearing a hood. We thought it was a joke until friends were dragged off and arrested to prevent a possible breach of the peace. Anyone that questioned the arrest was either dragged away to a cell or held against a wall and searched thoroughly. This was mental, those not arrested look for security in numbers, joining the crowd as officers eyes gazed down on the slowly moving mass. Unfazed by the police we carried on and started chatting with the people around.

I felt a bit funny marching with lots of teachers, they deserve a good pension and good money, but whenever I’m around teachers all I can remember is getting detention for some pointless reason, sexually repressed RE teachers flying into rage at homework not being done, art teachers thinking their class matters, French teachers convinced they can teach another language to a group of kids that are mostly failing English…the list goes on. But I marched with them, avoiding detention.

Clearly no one was expecting anything more than a few pickets and a fun family march, but the police hadn’t got the message, after a bit of walking and a few speeches a group began to move up Whitehall. A kettle sprang out at the crowd. Police lines formed to the shock of everyone. Snatch Squads (a gaggle of police out to snatch people away from the crowd) circled targeting anyone under 18 who wasn’t white, and then moved on to just grabbing anyone.

Here I saw teachers at their best, not the scum from my childhood, but concerned teachers jumping forward and grabbing back their students from the claws of the police. Teachers willing to confront the crazed uniformed thugs, a real solidarity between the EMA kids of last year and the striking staff off today. Brilliant.

Rain set in, after an hour the kettle had been reinforced to bizarre levels- hundreds and hundreds of police were lining the streets. And then they withdrew, the police had tried to provoke the crowd into a fight but the bait hadn’t be taken. It was as if the pigs just got bored and all walked away.

The crowd dispersed an our lot moved off joining up with the various people arrested at the start of the march, all had been released without charge (this didn’t stop the evening news passing on shocking stories of mass arrests). A mob of anarchists and various leftists grew outside a nearby pub drinking together merrily until a few miserable looking souls from Counterfire crashed the party declaring solidarity with their “brothers in blue” (the police), we told them to piss off and they called us all fascists as they ran away. And that was it, a strange end to a strange day.

Overall it was great, great to see so many local strikes, and such a large march marred only by the random arrests and insane policing by the met (still what can you expect from the met- they leave Millbank unprotected in the middle of a riot, and then send an army up against a peaceful family march)

There were a few things today that I wouldn’t agree with, a teacher on BBC news declared “do you want someone that’s 68 teaching your children?”…yeah, I’m fine with that, pensioners are smart as fuck, I wouldn’t be happy with a 68 year old being forced to work, but I’m fine with one that is able and willing to do their job to carry on doing so.

Also the sentiment of supporting jobcentre plus workers on their strike. The sadists that work in the job centre do have a shit time at work, but they take this out on claimants. Only a person that has never been on the dole could come out and support jobcentre staff, these people make your life hell, they make you lick their balls and beg for more to get your £55 a week. Fuck em. I’ll show them solidarity when they stop acting like wankers.

But that’s just a few minor political differences on an otherwise top day, I’m guessing we will be seeing more strikes like this soon as the government will clearly just ignore today.

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  1. Damien
    July 1, 2011 at 9:36 am

    Job Centre staff have always been pretty safe to me.

    Just tell ’em you’re overqualified for any of the piddling £5.50-an-hour jobs they’ve got on their books and commiserate with them for their awful work lives and they leave you alone.

  2. I'm rubbish at thinking of names
    July 1, 2011 at 11:27 am

    “Do they not realise that millionaires like Cameron and Osborne have to cut back on their coke binges?”

    Shame Chris Shale didn’t get the memo aye?

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