Anarchists have a complex, sometimes incoherent approach to the media. While much discussion since the student movement last year has focussed on the role of “violence” in securing press coverage truth be told we couldn’t care less what they publish about us. Smug, careerist liberal shits will happily tell you how successful the non-violent actions on June 30th were in capturing the media’s attention. How anyone could count “DEFY THE STRIKE BULLIES” as a win is beyond us, but more importantly they have failed to capture anyone’s imagination. Ultimately, our goal as Anarchists remains the complete and utter replacement of the mainstream press, and with the emergence of increasingly sophisticated forms of social media and online communications this seems more realistic now than ever in the past.

Because we regard both the liberal and right-wing press in a similar light, and because the former often fails spectacularly in appealing to our sense of humour and fun, some of us even had a strange fascination with the low-brow tabloid institutions with which we are all familiar. The Standard always gets a read because its free. Fox News is great for a laugh if you’ve got it. “Hospitalised copper” certainly represented a detournement of the Sun’s page 3… or was it homage? Class War didn’t pick a broadsheet format after all. And frankly, if you offered me a copy of the Sun or the Independent I’m not sure which I would choose – more entertaining to sit back and watch as the media machine reaches unparalleled heights of perversity.

This time, however, it seems like Murdoch may have well and truly overstepped the line with actions that are beyond obscenity. As of this writing, numerous reports are coming in that many if not most of the companies which provide advertising revenue to News International are now either reviewing or withdrawing their support. Sure. Papers like NoTW have been profiting off of other people’s misery for years, and all it took was the impossibly disrespectful invasion of a murder victim’s privacy for sponsors to decide that maybe they don’t want to be associated with this. So the decision is made from the other end of London – if not the planet – to sever ties.

For those of us in Tower Hamlets, however, the fact that their offices are located right in our own backyard is an insult of incredible proportions. Over the years, Murdoch and Co have shown that they have nothing but contempt for migrant communities and ethnic minorities, benefit recipients, the working class, and generally the sort of people which have made this area what it is today.

Fifteen years ago the Wapping plant was opened in a sickening act of betrayal, but only after extreme levels of police repression including the arrest of 1000 striking printers and the construction of armoured busses designed to protect the scabs on their journey to work. What we need is not only a return to that level of militancy, but to take it even further. Nevermind the public enquiry – we need to finish what the printers started.


Virginia Street, Wapping from 1PM onwards

See you on the streets.

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  1. anon
    July 7, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    The “complete and utter replacement of the mainstream press” is an anarchist “goal”. Really? Is this in the anarchist constitution? lol. To be replaced by your own press no doubt, which would surely then become the mainstream. Hmm, ok.
    Social media and online communications are used by millions of people, so technically they are mainstream as well. In fact growing numbers of people are shunning certain social media because they have become TOO mainstream. Especially younger people; no-one wants to be using the same social media as their parents, that’s just embarrassing isn’t it.
    Some advertisers have SUSPENDED their accounts with The News of the World. They have not withdrawn from advertising in The Times or The Sun. So News Corp and News International still have a long way to go before their WORLDWIDE interests collapse and throw Murdoch into poverty.
    A few knee jerk reactions against one Sunday tabloid amongst a massive, global media empire is hardly keeping him awake at night. Likewise a handful of oddball anarchists loitering around Wapping as part of some historical, battle re-enactment club whose members are still stuck in the 1980s, will not be noticed one little bit either.

  2. anon
    July 7, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    …..As for the “smug, careerist, liberal shits” who write for the mainstream press, they were the ones who bought all this to your attention and have stuck to this story over a matter of years, especially the “smug, careerist” shits of the “liberal” Guardian. I don’t remember seeing any non mainstream anarchist press and it’s non careerist shits investigating this story at all over the last 9 years.

    • July 15, 2011 at 11:23 am

      Hear hear! Good to see some gas-bag guardianistas engaging us in debate. I suggest you take your programme of militant liberal gas-baggery to the masses via twitter. As the slogan goes, be the media!

      How about this for a name – All London Marxist-Milibandist-Sunny-Hundalist-Beavis-Butthead Guardian Defense League

  1. July 7, 2011 at 2:04 pm
  2. July 7, 2011 at 6:30 pm

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