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To the Unions of Tower Hamlets

Brothers and Sisters,

The English Defence League has announced that on the weekend of the 3rd of September they will be marching on Tower Hamlets “to oppose Muslim extremism.” While they couch themselves in politically correct terms and stances (such as “defending women and gays against fundamentalism”) in reality the EDL divide our communities and pit working people against each other based on religion and ethnicity. They are as dangerous to our communities as those few loud individuals advocating Muslim extremism, who also seek to divide us along lines of ethnicity and religion.

This kind of division cannot be allowed to happen at a time when working people and communities are striving hard to oppose the Tories’ vicious attack on our jobs and services. We must stand united if we are to defeat the cuts, and by showing the EDL the door we will be sending a clear message to the far right and to the government about how we mean to defeat their plans.

We call on you to oppose them as vehemently as our unions once opposed the BNP, the National Front and Moseley’s fascists. Whitechapel has a long and proud history of resistance to the far right, and we are determined to stand in defence of the borough and its vibrant communities. Please join with us to counter the EDL march and send them running out of London!

We ask any people in unions throughout Tower Hamlets to go to their union branch meeting and propose a motion of support for the anti-EDL protests on the 3rd of September.

We also ask you to not support the banning of the EDL protest. But to instead join with us on the 3rd of September in either marching with the UAF counter demonstration or joining with a variety of groups organising against the EDL on the streets around Tower Hamlets.

In Solidarity

Tower Hamlets Alarm

Please contact us at Towerhamletsalarm@googlemail.com  with any questions.

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