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The EDL Get Exposed on the Internet.

It’s already been an interesting week for people who take an (academic) interest in the nationalist idiots at the English Defence League (EDL). As we get nearer to September 3rd, they get nearer to total collapse as their dodgy dealings catch up with them and their thin veneer of ‘respectability’ falls away. Not that it fooled any of us in the first place, of course.

It all seemed to start last week, when EDL members flamed the ALARM! Facebook Page en masse, calling us out and threatening to smash our skulls in Tower Hamlets. During the process many EDL showed their true colours, calling us (and i paraphrase for simplicity) ‘faggots/commies/muslim lovers’ and so on and so fourth. Anti gay, anti-communist and anti-muslim. So much for not being fascists, eh?

Then came the rather interesting @everythingedl Twitpic feed , that was brought to our attention by a poster on our comments page. This features screenshots of EDL Facebook pages that unmask the real nature of the EDL, with people talking of going ‘paki bashing’ on September 3rd amongst other things. Whoever put the work in to making this Twitpic feed happen is a genius. Well done.

Then there was the bottling of the protest organised by self proclaimed “gay Tommy Robinson” Liam Wood for Saturday 23 July on Manchester’s Canal Street. The EDL LGBT Division wanted to go flyering against “muslim homophobia”. If you want sexual liberation, you aren’t going to find it in preaching a cowardly loyalty to the status quo; Queen and Country are happy to see people die of poverty, do you really think they care about our orgasms?

Then came the horrific attack by Anders Brehing Breivik.
We obviously don’t need to go into too much detail about the attack itself, as we are sure you are familiar with the story. Needless to say we completely condemn such a disgusting massacre of innocent young people. However, the same cannot be said for the boneheads at the EDL.

Links between EDL and Breivik have been confirmed:


As well as EDL sympathisers:


And not to forget, pictures emerging of EDL’s Steven Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson) with Holocaust denier Richard Edmonds at a BNP meeting.

So, there we have it.
The EDL, who attempt to construct themselves as simple patriots against the sexism, homophobia and terrorism of Islamism finally fully exposed as racist, homophobic, fascistic, bigoted, sexist supporters of terrorism against muslims and leftists.

What a bunch of scumbags.

Everyone out on September 3rd to defend Tower Hamlets.

Keep your eyes on the blog for updates.


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