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Tottenham Today. London Tomorrow.

Tottenham is the start. The EMA riots of last year, the battles of March the 26th, along with the many smaller scuffles at town halls from Lewisham to Hackney, they all build to today.  The start of 2011’s Urban Riots. The opening of the first front.

Fuck Generalise the strike, we say  Generalise the Riot. The next few days will see “experts” try and tell you this wasn’t about anything except a slight bit of anger at the police, a minor bit of civil disorder that is now under control and any local problems are being addressed. FUCK OFF.

You don’t get riots for no reason. The murder of Mark Duggan may have been the spark but ALARM has been saying since it was founded that walking round London is like walking on gunpowder. The streets are covered and just waiting to blow.

The Rich and politicians have pushed people too far. An economically bankrupt society, people being pushed out of their homes by gentrification, the NHS is being privatised, schools failing our children. Transport, food, shelter, electricity all utterly unaffordable. All of this is held in
place up by the murderous force of the Metropolitan police.

Their ‘rule of law’ is a sham. We live under a system of rule BY law, the police hassle you, nick you and then decide what you’ve done wrong. Don’t ever forget that they started this.

Tottenham is the start, other boroughs, cities and streets will be following. These will not be race riots, but Class riots. People are hitting back in the only viable way, with violence. The ballot box has shown its inability to bring change, the A to B marches of the left have utterly failed to show our plight. There is no voice for us except on the streets.

Tottenham Today. London Tomorrow.

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  1. anarchariot
    August 8, 2011 at 9:24 am

    while I agree with much of whats written here, i dont agree with the fuck striking sentiment. mass civil disobedience (riots) alongside mass strikes will be what leads to the reappropriation of communal resources and a class-less society.
    its also worth saying that burning peoples homes (ie in Tottenham) is counterrevolutionary and only serves to entrench public opinion against dissidents.

  1. August 10, 2011 at 7:59 pm

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