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Lewisham Says: “Blame the Government, not our Kids!”

Last night, a people’s assembly in Lewisham going by the name of Deptford United decided to organise a demonstration from Deptford High Street to Lewisham Town Hall in order to counter the notion that the urban riots were just “mindless violence”.
Tonight, at short notice, over 200 people assembled in an attempt to build solidarity and to engage with the public on the real issues behind the urban riots. Our comrades in South London Solidarity Federation (SolFed) produced a brilliant flyer, explaining what some ALARM! members have been attempting to articulate throughout. Yes, we disapprove of some of the methods used by the rioters. But we cannot simply dismiss this as mindless violence, as having no social or economic basis. The riots were an expression of rage (albeit at times poorly articulated) and we must not attempt to silence that.
The people of Lewisham were highly responsive to the demonstration, with many joining along the way, applauding, cheering and raising fists to the sky. It is clear that, although the community has gone through some hard times over the past few days, they are not prepared to let class society forget that they are STILL ANGRY at the waves of repression that have decimated our communities. Austerity, police harassment, poverty – these issues will not go away as a result of these riots, but become more prominent. We must seize this opportunity to organise as a community, to rebuild the solidarity and class identity that Thatcherism has devastated.
The next demonstration, organised by North London Unity, a people’s assembly in Hackney and in Haringey, takes place THIS SATURDAY, 1pm at Gillett Square Dalston to Tottenham Green.
All free-thinking radicals who are not afraid to critically engage with this process should come along. This is step one of rebuilding our communities politically, from the ashes of the rebellion.
As our comrades in SolFed so brilliantly put: we need to organise to take back the world that has been stolen from us.

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  1. August 11, 2011 at 10:41 am

    Thanks for the kind comments. Technically, the leaflet was produced by North London SF…

  2. August 11, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Blame the government!!?
    What, this current coalition government who have only been in the job a year?
    What about the Labour govt who were in power for 13 years out of every teen’s life up until last year?
    The Labour govt who could have stayed in office with a coalition of partners who were willing but chose to sneak out the back door leaving the clean-up mission or, “the cuts” to the big bad tories just like they did after running to the IMF for a bailout before moving aside for the last Tory govt of the 80’s.
    Yeah, let’s listen to a rerun of the 1980’s & 90’s romantic, socialist overtones of the Labour Party in opposition.
    Let’s all fall for their drivel all over again, let’s “blame the government”.

  3. michael e
    August 11, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    mindless violence, what so burning down buildings robbing people destroying peoples businesses makeing peoples lifes hard is the right way to go about a problem ?

    im sorry to say but this is nothing to do with poverty its plan to see that 90% of the people that are rioting and just doing it for the fact that there can rob and they think they can get away with it.

    and you say its not the kids its the government right ok explan to me what this lad in the vid below has to do with the government.???

    that right that poor lad was just walking down a street and is hit in the face and then robed.

    and the rioters say what we are doing is for the people we want change we want our government to make life better for us all.

    plan and simple it you are gunna riot and loot you need to go to prison no matter you age you cant blame other people for you ations.

    a woman had to jump from her burning home why ohh because the riotes lit it on fire.

    well like i said 90% of them are just there to loot and rob.

    thanks for reading michael e.

  4. A
    August 12, 2011 at 8:46 am

    @proletariat: “the government” refers to whoever is in power at the moment, yes. ALARM! are equally critical of Blairism. See this outtake from our article “The Story so Far – In Summary” on the main page:

    “When people look to condemn the acts of the rioters as being indiscriminate and without any real focus or direction, we remind them that this is the logical concequence of a society that is hyper individualistic and socially violent. When people say it isn’t like the the riots in the 80s, we say OF COURSE NOT. Because since then, we have had the most aggressive and repressive periods of capitalism ever, with extreme social alienation, inequality and a propaganda machine that has aimed to break down community identity and class solidarity at any cost.”

    @michael e: youre missing the point. We arent saying we agree with all the methods used. But what makes someone a robber? Do you see private school kids robbing people? Do you see the aristocracy robbing people? (well, yes actually. but in a leagally sanctioned way. As im sure the private school kids will go on to do. But the society based on the theft of a masses is another, bigger question.)
    If you think the middle and upper classes dont rob people on the street because there is something better in their breeding, then you are seriously deluded. The problem is poverty and desparation – that is what breeds these ugly and sinister behaviours.

    “90% of them are there to loot and rob” – did you get that statistic from the news? or from going out on the streets and finding out for yourself? Or better yet, your own imagination? Also, there is a huge difference between looting a PC world and robbing someone of your own community. In fact, the main reasons the riots took such an ugly turn IN OUR COMMUNITIES is because the police prioritised pushing people out of commercial centres to protect private interests at the expense of community interests. Look at the timeline of events, it totally proves this.

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