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Tonight’s IWW Demo CANCELLED.

From the IWW on Facebook:

IWW – Major Gains at Heron Tower Dispute

Following negotiations with the cleaning contractor LCC, who covers
contracts at the prestigious Heron Tower – the IWW Cleaners and Allied
Grades Branch has secured significant gains to the benefit of our

The IWW had launched a campaign to secure full payment of the living
wage £8.30 per-hour for, a resolution of staff shortages, issues of
unfair dismissal and anti-union conduct by management.

The IWW has reached an agreement which has secured full-payment of the
London Living Wage with back pay until May 2011, the staff shortage to
be filled and confirmation of the trade union rights of workers.
Further discussions are underway on a recognition agreement with the

As result the IWW Cleaners Branch and London Delegates Committee has
cancelled the demonstration called for tonight at the Heron Tower. We
thank all trade unionists and fellow workers for their solidarity and

Once again the independent workers union the IWW has shown that direct
action and solidarity of all union members in support of each other
achieves results in the interests of our members.

The message to cleaners across London is clear – don’t live in fear –
get organised!

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