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EDL vs Tower Hamlets

The EDL have been banned from marching in Tower Hamlets (as well as a few other boroughs). The EDL will be in Tower Hamlets on the 3rd of September. A static picket will be held in the borough, one that they will have to march towards.
Despite overpaid officials and the Met trying to keep the EDL out of the area they have failed. We say good. We don’t want the state to decide who can and who can’t march. Sure we don’t want the EDL here, but their politics will be judged by the community they march through rather than community leaders.
We have distributed thousands and thousands of leaflets across our borough, through Hackney and at Notting Hill carnival saying “whether its a flash mob, marching mob or static picket they will be confronted” Every person we’ve given a leaflet and spoken to has agreed. The EDL will not pass, they will be stopped.
We do not welcome the chaos that we will see on Saturday the 3rd when a community rises up with anyone that gives a damn and sends the EDL out of town. We do not welcome the inevitable arrests of our youth and hospitalizations from police batons and flying bricks that will be seen in Tower Hamlets on the 3rd.
We see that this will be the work of the EDL. They’re the ones coming to “liberate” us. They’re the ones that want this chaos. If the EDL really gave a fuck about law and order they would chicken out of their attack on Tower Hamlets now.
But they won’t. So we call on every person available to head to the Whitechapel area this Saturday, bring a Palestine scarf to protect your identity, stay mobile and be safe.

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  1. IHTF
    September 4, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    EDL got cunted,
    EDL got cunted,

    Fash scum routed in London, piss poor turnout for the nazis, mass arrests, no transport, denied meeting points and coaches smashed up.

    They did not pass!

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