The EDL are having a right run around, after rumours from the RMT the EDL have changed their meeting point to Euston, only to have half the pubs already announce that they won’t be open for the EDL to meet in.
We welcome rumours that the RMT will close stations if they EDL start playing up when gathering, but were unsure how reliable this is. If they RMT did close stations and basically have a wild cat strike against the EDL tomorrow this would be amazing solidarity, but this should not be relied upon to keep the EDL out of Tower Hamlets. They could still show at Liverpool Street.
The problems the EDL are facing in organising how to move towards our area is great as it shows how unwelcome they really are in all parts of London, but we still need to be in the area and on the streets tomorrow. Who knows what the EDL have planned, a flash mob, a surge from Liverpool Street, several groups making a move on one area? Not to mention the various “patriotic” splinter groups that tag along with the EDL who might not be happy following the poorly organised leaders, or co-operating with the police.
But positive moves are being made.
For the first time in living history the UAF are doing something useful. For months we have been distributing thousands of leaflets asking for people to be on the streets on the 3rd of September, finally other groups have caught on and the UAF are no longer running off to Weavers Field but will be joining us on the streets. They are calling for people to meet on Whitechapel and Vallance Road Junction from 11.30 am. Not a bad idea, it’s a shame that they only announced it yesterday.
Though we disagree with the politics of the UAF we are pleased they have finally seen sense and are now committing to be in the right part of Tower hamlets.
We can only hope the EDL see sense and follow our advice and stay out of the area as well.
And as for their threats to return to Tower Hamlets on the 22nd of October, all we can say is you have to of been here once to say that you will “return”

Categories: ALARM!
  1. September 2, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    Just heard Bradford, Rochdale and Hull are deserting their fellow infidels in their hour of need and are “puling out” of Tower Hamlets..

    “We shall never surrender”, seems like some already have.

  2. IHTF
    September 4, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    Demo was a major fail for the EDL, shit turnout, no march RMT kicking them out of the underground, pubs banning them, even Sainsbury’s told them to fuck off. They were kept out of Tower Hamlets by a multicultural force and had their coaches smashed.

    How many more of these little “big ones” can the EDL have before they implode?

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