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This Blog has been dead for a while, a few days after the EDL failed in their attempt at Tower Hamlets we had an ALARM review, from that we decided to pack it in as Tower Hamlets ALARM, a lot of us still live round here and will still be active round here. But Augusts’ days of furry have shown us that we need to be focusing at more that one area. A death in Tottenham leads to fires in Salford, a pushy copper in Hackney leads to arson in Croydon. Resistance is bigger than borough divides; the fight against these shits is bigger than what’s going on in just our backyard. Police will murder in any borough, rich will steal in any part of London, people will lash out anywhere.

We still have a lot of respect for radical community organising but right now were going to focus in other places.
When we do our local politics we will do it in the action groups/ community groups already going.
Otherwise, for now, Tower Hamlets ALARM is off and were just ALARM.

ETA: From now on stuff will go up on the ALARM website.

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